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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781118708545
PISBN 9781118617564
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This book offers a broad understanding of several different topics important to industrial chemistry. It discusses the connectivity between major chemicals, showing how a chemical is made along with why and some of the business considerations. (For example, the synthesis of chlorine is used to illustrate the concept of coproduction, captive use, and demand; the major outlet for chlorine is to make PVC which is tied to the housing market; the raw material cost of PVC is less dependent upon petroleum pricing than the other major polymers.) Not intended to give expert detail on all areas, the textbook gives an overview background putting chemical industry topics in context and tying together many of the principles chemistry majors learn across more specific courses. By exposing readers to these important industry topics, the book helps smooth transition from a student to an industrial professional and also assists those already in industry who may be missing a larger picture through narrow focus on a particular chemical area only.

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