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Process Dynamics and Control: Modeling for Control and Prediction is a comprehensive introduction to the subject divided in three broad parts; The first part deals with building physical models, the second part with developing empirical models and the final part discusses developing process control solutions. The book takes a unique approach to the subject by looking at both physical and empirical modeling and includes discussion on developing control schemes for entire process plants. Theory is discussed where needed to ensure students have a full understanding of key techniques that are used to solve a modeling problem. The book makes use of MATLAB simulation examples of all processes and modeling techniques covered throughout the text and a supplementary website includes further references and worked examples to enhance student understanding. MATLAB is used throughout the book as the standard for developing process models if limited complexity. In this way, the reader can study the detailed process dynamics and compare it to the linearized and approximated process dynamics. Models of different process units have been developed and are available as a source for further model development.
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